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Evoking Intuitive Health, Define your Health

You have structured your day so you have time to eat right and stay active because you understand the importance of your health. Yet, planning your wellness routine has you obsessing over it each and every minute of your day.

It’s all about perfection…

And let’s be honest… a touch of OCD.

If you’re missing even just one thing in your gym bag or you don’t have at least an entire hour dedicated to exercise, then it’s not even worth working out.

Ultimately, you're unable to commit to making a lasting change to your wellness because the situation is less than perfect and the timing is never ideal.

I understand because I have been there.

You’ve seen so many other people around you change their lives by committing to small, thoughtful improvements to their health.

Yet, as much as you want the same thing, personal transformation seems to require too much attention to detail…. And that feels so confining.

But really it’s what’s going to set you free.


I know what you’re thinking…

“Did I work out enough today?”

“Did I eat at the right times today?”

“did I sleep enough last night?”

You’re not alone.

Everyone struggles with living up to their ideal...

…and {unrealistic} health expectations.


It doesn’t have to be a struggle anymore.  

You can stop overcomplicating things and create a simple sustainable healthy lifestyle!

Something that’s easy and you don’t have to think twice about.

I’ve been in your shoes. I’m here to help you remove those crazy OCD behaviors, learn to let go of control, and stop spending every minute obsessing…

so you can set yourself free.


Hi, I’m your coach,


I specialize in behavioral and cognitive techniques to help you end your obsessive relationship with your health and fitness so you can create a sustainable healthy lifestyle. 

As a child, I didn’t play any sports or have any understanding of healthy habits. My family didn’t prioritize eating healthy or nutritious food because it wasn’t affordable for us.

Through my teenage years, I still wasn’t making the best of choices in regards to my health and nutrition. Often times, I would skip breakfast, eat sandwiches for lunch and opting for a quick fast food meal by the end of the night.

It wasn’t until I joined the military that I decided to make an effort to improve on my fitness ability. I honestly didn’t have a choice at that point because I needed to be able to complete physical training in boot camp and yearly assessments afterwards.

It was the start of a life change that I couldn’t have possibly predicted. 



I started exercising and haven’t stopped since. It became a way of life for me that brought relaxation to my mind, strength to my body and fire to my spirit. It was empowering to be able to look good by doing something that felt good.



I discovered resistance training, which quickly became my favorite way to train. I spent my free time researching exercises and techniques to better understand how to develop strength and define my muscles.

Personal trainer


I started training for fitness competitions with a team based out of Southern California. I placed in top 3 positions at each show I competed in for the three years I spent actively training specifically for the shows.

Mind and body
Stay active


I went on to study to become a Personal Trainer, earning my certification with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I found myself craving more education and training, so I continued on to earn additional certifications including behavioral change, fitness nutrition and woman’s fitness specializations.

Eat right


I decided to dive deeper into my education and started studying for my Masters in Kinesiology. This choice allowed me further enhance my knowledge, so I could share it with others. 




It’s my purpose


in life to help others improve their health and develop their wellness to levels they simply couldn’t reach on their own.

It’s my passion


to expand your knowledge and teach you the techniques that will truly impact your life.  

If you are committed to ending your obsessive relationship with your health and fitness and create a sustainable healthy lifestyle, then let’s connect!

We can work together to build a simple strategy that will get you to your goals! 


Think you can do this alone…

that you don’t need anyone to help you along your wellness journey?


I’ve been there, done that and I’m here to get real honest with you.

You need help, we all need it and sometimes it just takes that one moment to realize it.

We can’t always do it by ourselves. You need the support, guidance and attention of a coach that is dedicated to seeing you through your change.

I’ve made it my life’s mission to help people just like you elevate your experience beyond what you can create alone.

So, if this message resonates with you and you’re ready to fully commit to making the transformation you truly desire, then connect with me!