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 Hi, I’m your coach,


I’m dedicated to helping you end your obsessive relationship with your health and fitness.

You have structured your day so you have time to eat right and stay active because you understand the importance of your health. Yet, planning your wellness routine has you obsessing over it every minute of your day.

It’s all about perfection….

And let’s be honest… a touch of OCD.

If you’re missing even just one thing in your gym bag or you don’t have at least an entire hour dedicated to exercise, then it’s not even worth working out.

Ultimately, you're unable to commit to making a lasting change to your wellness because the situation is less than perfect and the timing is never ideal.

Health and fitness

I understand because…

I’ve been there.

Health and wellness

You’ve seen so many other people around you change their lives by committing to small, thoughtful improvements to their health.

Yet, as much as you want the same thing, personal transformation seems to require too much attention to detail…. And that feels so confining.

But really it’s what’s going to set you free.

Do you want to magnify your potential to reach your desired wellness goals? Have an idea of what you intend your health to be... but you're not sure exactly how to get there?

Let's work together to elevate your mind, body and spirit to make that dream your reality!


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Sustainable healthy lifestyle

This 8 week 1:1 program was created to help overwhelmed women simplify their health and wellness routine
so they can end the obsessive struggle and create a sustainable healthy lifestyle.